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Entertainment means recreation. Recreation is done when a person is bored of routine activities and wants to take some break from usual activities. Entertainment relaxes the mind of a person and refreshes his mind. Recreation can be of any type. Movies are great source of entertainment. From the past few decades, film industry has witnessed drastic changes. But old movies have still lots of admirers. Youngsters are especially curious about the action packed movies. During older days, movies have very light music. They lack sound effects. Now, day's movies are more musical and glamorous. Music has always been a great healer. It provides a source of entertainment to refreshes the soul. There are various shops in the city that have good stuff for the music lovers. You can find CD's and DVD's of old melodies, re-mixes, pops and jazz music.

EntertainmentThere are good shops who offer discount on various collections. Collections of gazals and religious songs composed by various great singers can also be purchased.Shopping is also a part of entertainment. Shopping can be of any type. A person may shop the good of general use or he may buy luxurious items. Malls and shopping centers have large variety of products. Person of every age want some entertainment. Be it a youngster or a child, video games are liked by everyone. . There are bountiful items for the children's entertainment.If you want something unique for the entertainment of your child, then you have wide choice. The sources of entertainment for your child can be good books, cds, movies or toys.There are special shops which sell unique material for children's entertainment like swings, small see-saws which are liked by every child.

There are various game shops who specially sell various types of games for children like caroms, puzzles and many more. Boys of every age like to play with guns, roberts and helicopters.Entertainment Girls have natural love for dolls, doll houses and soft toys.There are lots of varieties ranging from the local made to international brands.In older days, entertainment means were also old. A person has to go to theatre if he wants to see a movie.Now, big TV screens have replaced the age old television sets. You can enjoy the comforts of watching the movie in the privacy of your room. Cd players and Dvd players are also important electronic gadgets. In electronic shops there are good of various varieties. There are brands of international fame like Samsung, Videocon and Philips. Audio visual, pro sound and lighting, DJ, HiFi, home theatre and CCTV equipment are also available.

There are country made items also which are somewhat cheap while the prices of international brand are somewhat higher. Computer has also become a source of entertainment. Songs can be listened, movies can be seen and games can be played on computers. Computers selling shops are lot in every city. Some vendors specialize in assembling the computers. They take the customers requirement in mind while making computer. Various musical instruments are also sold in the city shops. There are varieties of instruments like guitars, violins and bands. Musical instruments, books, videos and recordings from many cultures around the world. Some stores have vintage and handmade instruments and accessories. Some stores specially in giving the instruments on rent also. Old instruments can also be purchased.

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