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Choosing foods for a healthy diet does not mean giving up favorites. Variety and a change towards more vegetables, fruit, bread, breakfast cereals, potatoes, rice and pasta is what matters. Snacks as well as meals count towards the balance.Food is the basic requirement of every living thing. It consists of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits. Drinks are also the important part of food. You may find various markets that specialize in selling groceries. Food may be in the raw form which need cooking. Various types of spices and oils are required to process the food and make it ready for consumption. People always try to explore new dishes for eating. Junk food has also gained much liking from the people of all ages. Various types of hot yummy pizzas, stuffed burgers, french fries and soups have added to more clientele for famous outlets. Lots of food stuff for the people who want to taste the some recipes of other countries. There are salad bars and special snacks for the people who like to eat low calorie nutritious food.

Food and DrinkChinese food has also become one hot favorite for the every age of people. Whether it is noodles, fried rice or chop suey, you can easily spot lots of eating joints offering mouth watering and delicious chinese cuisine. With advanced machines and excellent seeds imported from USA, Taiwan, Japan, there are some companies who cultivate more than one hundred fruit and vegetable products. Some stores specialize in selling frozen and unseasoned vegetables. Life is running at a very fast pace in today’s world. No one has time to cook. People want instant food. Some stores sell instant food. Semi cooked food can also be purchased. Par grilled food is the other liking includes French fries and tikkas.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased from the local farmers market. Often farmer in an area will bring the fruits and vegetables they grow to the market. Often produce is picked that morning or the day before it is actually brought to the market. You can easily find a lot of originally grown food items at the farmers market. The prices are usually lower than what you would pay at your local grocery store because you are cutting out quite a few middlemen by using directly from the farmers themselves. Apart from these, various bakery products like breads, patties, hot dogs and burgers are also required. Bakeries which have been very proficient in manufacturing wide range of cakes; pastries and patties have been very famous.

Food and DrinkJuices, soft drinks and squashes are the other items which are liked in every country. Apart from these, wine and beer are easily available in the famous local and international brands. Jams, jellies, pickles and sauces are used in every house hold. Departmental stores and shops cater to the demand of the people.Food items require various containers and bags which help in providing storage and maintaining the freshness of the food. Air tight containers and the jars keep the food items moisture free.

Cheese and dairy products like milk, curd, butter and ghee are the vital part of food group. They provide sufficient nourishment to every age of people. Sweets, snacks and pastas make a food regimen complete. Starchy food should form the major part of most meals and snacks. Besides providing us with energy, they are good sources of fibre, calcium and iron. This group includes rice and pasta as well as yams, plantains and sweet potatoes. Simple try to enjoy a wide variety of foods in the proportions you like and maintain healthy eating habits to live in an exciting way of life.

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